“For time to time”

di Stefania Ferrazzi

I swear I liked

to look at you, eating a piece of cake

on the kitchen table,

barefoot and sleepy.

You seemed harmless, beautiful.

I swear I liked you,


and with your hair ruffled,

in silence.

I liked to observe you, slowly.

Then you started talking

about everything

even thought my eyes screamed to you: “Shut up”.

You kept deluding every hypothesis

and made me a stranger.


I waited for you to finish,

for the telephone to ring,

for our neighbour’s dog to bark.

I waited for the rain to stop,

for the clothes to get dried,

for the fishes to fall asleep;

then, every excuse exhausted,

I asked you to go away.

As an image,

for time to time I liked you,


But you were not Her.



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